Who Are General Practitioners?

General practitioners are the doctors who are practicing their skills to gain more knowledge in their respective fields and excel in their field of expertise to serve the people well. These people are doctors who are still practicing on patients and are still under the supervision of highly qualified doctors. These practitioners provide their hands of help in time of need, and that is why they provide their own contact numbers to the patients he or she deems necessary and asks them to call him or her at any point of time during the days or at night. No matter what the doctor is doing it is his duty to provide assistance to the patient in emergency situations.  These people may have their own clinic or may work under a private or government hospital, but the motive is same that is to gain more and more knowledge from regular practicing and helping the people with medical problems at large. These general practitioners have to work very diligently making almost no mistakes since one single small mistake may cost a person’s life.


What do general practitioners do after their duty hours?

The after hours GP are doctors, so they are bound by the oath of helping the patients at any point of time irrespective of what they are doing.  They are also just like normal working people working within normal duty hours. The doctors may work under a number of hospitals. They might have different schedules for different hospitals and might also have his own clinic in which he or she can treat the patients during the leisure time. The doctors need to be passionate about the duty and must know the consequences of his or her treatment procedures. A doctor can visit villages where the treatment procedures are pretty less advanced after hours of duty and help them their problems. Normally the doctors don’t charge money from the destitute and provide them with all the medication required entirely free of cost. The general practitioners are also normal human beings who need holidays, and on these holidays they go for an outing with his or her respective families. Not only villages, these doctors even visit orphanages, old age homes, slums and many places that need their help and treatment. It is solely on the doctor whether he or she will treat free of cost or demand a small sum of money. The doctor even demands from the government funds and advanced machinery that is required for the treatment methods.

Some other factual details on the after an hour of a general practitioner  

A general practitioner is not bound to do the job or treat people after his or her duty hours. It is solely on the practitioner’s will whether or not he or she wants to treat or wants to develop the skills on medication and other methods of treating people. Also, the fees demand of the general practitioners depends on the qualification, experience, and demand of the doctor.

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